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There’s something very special in a narrative when you finally put all your main characters in one room, as it were. We’ve seen this conflict build and reverberate and now the first blow hangs in the air. But where will it fall?

And who will strike it?

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The plea Gimme Shelter has never rung so despondently. The plot’s been thickening for the entirety of Feats of Strength, and in this scene the scales begin to tip. It’s all momentum from here!

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Writing the snatches of song in this scene was one of Rachel’s favorite parts of TRO. It’s all about the little touches, when building a world, and the interconnectivity of characters from different walks of life is better presented against a backdrop of flavor and detail.

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For a scene titled A Problem, we used a light hand on the drama here. The Ringleader has it all under control; makes you wonder how Hattie’s life is ever going to change. But something’s gotta give eventually…

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In Constellation, we’ve deployed mostly newspapers as our world documents, but we do have plans to do one book using mostly recipes to express the greater world context. This scene also references the prologue, in its hint at who amongst the family has carried on the Novoteny heritage.

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Ahh, a softer side of Anthony Conrad: The fact that this sketchbook exists speaks as much as what’s drawn in it. Nick sketched these illustrations from his perspective, using a different hand and rendering style than his own sketching; truly they’re Conrad’s work, alone.

More than novels, more than films, more than photography… Comics have it all, as far as we’re concerned.

We’ve got every flavor from romance to sci-fi to historical fiction, all character-driven and gorgeously illustrated.

Jolek gets more than he bargains for when he becomes the new strongman in The Circus with More. Filled with mystery, drama and amazing performances, Tightrope is circus noir like you’ve never seen it before.

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Technology, mutation, love and politics all collide in this long-form science fiction epic. The Radiant Ones is cerebral and political with just the right amount of body horror!

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Join the adventures of Eddie the Wandering fry Cook, set in Chicago in 1924. Ham ‘n Eggs is short and sweet, with a style inspired by felt tip markers.

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An unofficial adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s brilliant sci-fi short story, illustrated in acrylic, sumi ink and grease pencil with digital color effects.

Narrative comes from in more forms than just stories. We’ve been drawn into the world of games.
Check out our first historical endeavor (with ties to Tightrope)… with more on the way!

Play dozens of historic tarot games from all over the world, use the elegantly illustrated deck for divination… or both! Marseille Sophistiqué was inspired by research done for Tightrope and brought to life on Kickstarter.

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