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It’s been a rocky road for us this year, and what gets bumpy at home tends to send its ripples through Three Point Comics, a hazard of the marriage-business combo. Rachel’s health is finally repaired and we’re celebrating by returning to our update schedule for Tightrope.

We’ll be posting once a week on Thursdays, and ramp back up to our regular twice weekly updates. Thank you for all the good thoughts and wishes sent our way as Rachel mended. And now, on with the show!

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Major props to Leonardo Da Vinci for his influence here. This was one of Nick’s first major departures in style, created even as he was determining the overall style for TRO. Being able to incorporate a number of different illustration styles is quite a talent. But being creatively free to do so is something else. With a project as long as this one, Nick was feeling a little hemmed in. Not one to put up unnecessary obstacles, Rachel suggested that instead of drawing each volume the same way, that Nick…do whatever he wants! What’s the point of a creative project, after all, but to experiment, change and refine? Expect to see a major shift in illustration style between the first and second books of The Radiant Ones.

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Isn’t it just like Conrad to put those fussy corner protectors on an article about himself? Seeing how the different characters treat the newspaper is almost as telling as the contents of the articles. And speaking of news…

We’ve launched our downloadable content section, woo hoo! Not only can you pick up a copy of Ham’n Eggs on the cheap, but we’ve got a never-before-released short story and FREE game rules for all you tarot fans out there. There will be more content going live there soon, as we work toward the publication of Rachel’s novel, as well as some more shorts. Oh, and Tightrope will be back before you know it!

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Our influences are showing here, and of course we’re quite proud of them. For who wouldn’t take pride to work in the same vein as that keystone of modern graphic literature, Watchmen? We chose (mostly) press articles for our world documents for this book, but we plan to use a different type in each volume.

As many of you fans know, Rachel has been in and out of the hospital this year, and after several painful months, it’s surgery time again! We’re taking a break on the Tightrope side of things so that Rachel’s recovery can be full and relaxed. Never fear: The Radiant Ones will still be updating as usual, so you can get your comics fix. And when we return, we’ll be bringing with us the second wave of improvements and additions to TPC–more content, more stories, and, with any luck, the launch of Rachel’s first book, The Wide and Burning World. Thanks for all the support and understanding as we deal with what is (hopefully) the end of this health crisis.

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