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This scene is taken straight out of Rachel’s childhood, and with similar reasoning behind it: Rachel’s father’s father was a doctor who lost two of his children as toddlers, a loss echoing through generations until it found its way into fiction, to be consumed by people all over the world. It may sound like the callous mining of that real grief, to put it into a comic book, but there’s more to it than that. The echoes of grief is what TRO is about, in more ways than its plot, and we’ve always intended it to be.

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There’s a bit of a mystery open to your imagination in this scene. What did they fight about?

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The introduction of another character we might–and our characters certainly–consider disfigured offered us an interesting opportunity: We get to show the notion of degree, where different characters perceptions contrast not only each other, but the in-book society itself.

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It’s the first Tightrope scene of the New Year, huzzah! 2016 should see our circus-noir finished, but for now the plot is thickening.

Nick’s designed some cool period cityscapes for this scene, and it is one of the most complex to illustrate in the whole comic. There are a lot of characters all in one place, and it took some careful blocking to keep the panels both dynamic and easy to follow.

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It’s been a rocky road for us this year, and what gets bumpy at home tends to send its ripples through Three Point Comics, a hazard of the marriage-business combo. Rachel’s health is finally repaired and we’re celebrating by returning to our update schedule for Tightrope.

We’ll be posting once a week on Thursdays, and ramp back up to our regular twice weekly updates. Thank you for all the good thoughts and wishes sent our way as Rachel mended. And now, on with the show!

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We began TRO with a true beginning: the context for the Nova/Novoteny family as it welcomed its newest member. The Conrads get quite the opposite treatment, as Anthony emerges more and more strongly from the back drop of Nova’s life.

This scene finally gives him the status he deserves, thrusting him into the spotlight at last as he appears in the midst of his own life, without the context of The Good Doctor. But still, his story maintains a sense of immersion. His struggles both past and present are not meant to be taken as newly begun, but as ongoing challenges that he’s been grappling for an unknown period of time. Sometimes mysteries are only as deep as the distance between one person another.

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