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For a scene titled A Problem, we used a light hand on the drama here. The Ringleader has it all under control; makes you wonder how Hattie’s life is ever going to change. But something’s gotta give eventually…

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Ahh, a softer side of Anthony Conrad: The fact that this sketchbook exists speaks as much as what’s drawn in it. Nick sketched these illustrations from his perspective, using a different hand and rendering style than his own sketching; truly they’re Conrad’s work, alone.

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Some questions only provoke more curiosity and so it is with Jolek’s past. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hattie, now a little worse for the wear, seeming to grow younger and older at the same time. At this point in a story the plot’s either thickening or resolving, and, as Hatter herself realizes, it’s not time for resolution just yet!

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This scene is taken straight out of Rachel’s childhood, and with similar reasoning behind it: Rachel’s father’s father was a doctor who lost two of his children as toddlers, a loss echoing through generations until it found its way into fiction, to be consumed by people all over the world. It may sound like the callous mining of that real grief, to put it into a comic book, but there’s more to it than that. The echoes of grief is what TRO is about, in more ways than its plot, and we’ve always intended it to be.

Page: 116, 117

This scene, while extremely short, is deeply laden with meaning. We already know that Conrad also keeps a scrapbook, different from Nova’s in two regards. The first is the use of those fussy corner protectors. The second is that unlike his rival, The Good Doctor has a wife to keep his clippings for him. Maybe there is an alternate universe where Conrad wins Man of The Year, just as much as there is one where his wife survived Antonia’s birth, and one wherein Laura didn’t survive Daniel’s.

Best of all, by the time we’re through Constellation–and even more so by the end of the series–these victories and defeats will amount to exactly what we see here: No more than paper in a book.

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There’s a bit of a mystery open to your imagination in this scene. What did they fight about?

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