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Our influences are showing here, and of course we’re quite proud of them. For who wouldn’t take pride to work in the same vein as that keystone of modern graphic literature, Watchmen? We chose (mostly) press articles for our world documents for this book, but we plan to use a different type in each volume.

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We added this scene fairly late in the game, considering its early location, wanting to introduce Anthony Conrad and his wife Olivia earlier. What fun for Nick to get to design a Machine that is much less sinister (looking) in purpose. We wanted to cast Conrad as kind of childlike, because he’s so much younger than Dr. Nova. Dr. Andrew White bridges the gap between them, which will speak to a mixed/neutral allegiance later on in the story. We’ve got so many plans for these characters, we realized we needed to give them a head start, hence the addition of this cute little encounter.

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We’re starting Book 2 off with a bang! Fisticuffs abound in this half of Tightrope; more sex, more drugs, but absolutely no rock and roll of any kind. We’re talking in the comments now, too, so take a look and join in the fun!

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It’s here, it’s here! We’re moving at a good clip and so instead of taking our customary vacation between books, we went straight into Book 2: Feats of Strength. This book is longer, darker and includes more circus acts than The Illusion of Height. We can’t wait to show you what Hattie, Jolek and their friends find themselves up against as The Circus with More heads to the city!

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As we bring The Illusion of Height to a close with its eponymous scene, we’ve given the whole comic a facelift, in the form of a new web design. Now you can follow us via RSS, comment on our pages and join access all our awesome comics from your phone under one umbrella.

We’ll be sharing the insider tidbits we love to tell in posts, too, so the conversation can really get going. We want to be more than a cool comics press–we’ve been at it a while and we know how many questions can come up when creating a GN like this one, so we want to be a resource for the real scoop on being a small creative business.

See you in the funny pages!

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Well, here we are: After our big relaunch upload, we’re holding to a 2x weekly update. You can check back on Mondays and Fridays, with the helpful reminder of our new RSS feed.

But that’s all just business. We’re excited to have space to discuss The Radiant Ones more fully. Rachel feels like one of its major flaws is the lack of emphasis placed on the scene titles. She increased their profile is subsequent projects, but knows that TRO is pretty complicated and wishes we’d know to foreground them more in Constellation. Oh, well, all the more to talk about here! “Promises” sounds like the perfect mix of hope and foreboding. There’s a lot at stake here, both for Nova’s family and for the world.

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