Dearest Citizens,

There’s been quite a dry spell in the forecasted updates for The Radiant Ones, so we’ve decided to release the rest of Book 1 in a final flood of pages. It’s live now, in its fully-revised glory.

To make TRO was for us to become artists in the real world for the first time, and it represents a lot of achievement for Three Point Comics. We’ve learned a lot since we began, especially about the scope of projects one chooses to kick off their creative endeavors.

It was with our truest intention that we revised this edition of Constellation: Our plan was to do the same to Book 2 and then move on to the rest of the series. But the story—our lives, our interests, our art—has itself moved on.

We hope you enjoy this first book immensely, and we’re so grateful to our fans, friends and family for their support bringing it to print. But we’re shelving the rest of the series, as we focus our energy on Tightrope. Don’t worry, though: We have a feeling that The Radiant Ones will be back again someday. After all…

Death is what you make of it,