The Schedule:

We update every Monday and Friday, and plan to have more than 3000 pages by the time we’re done.

The Story So Far:

Two powerful geniuses—one a brilliant doctor, the other a driven prodigy—stand and face the challenges of the post-apocalypse in the City of Adamant. The Radiant Ones is a story of their children, growing up in the shadows of tremendous power and terrible pain; a story of scientific miracles and the strength of love in the triumph over grief.


The Radiant Ones contains violence, horror, language, drug use and sexuality. It is intended for audiences 18 and older.

On the Creators:

It takes many components to create a work of this scope: skill, imagination, integrity. They are our tools, but they are only that. They alone do not make this comic come alive. Words without pictures, illustrator without author: only parts, only tools, no success in any single part of the process. Commitment is the byword of success. We are committed. The ending is written: The story will continue, the art will continue. Our dedication is unstoppable because behind it there is a deep, abiding love for the work, for our characters and for each other.