About our Graphic Novel

The Schedule:

We update every Tuesday and Thursday, and plan two books in the Tightrope series, The Illusion of Height and Feats of Strength.

The Story:

Part hardboiled noir, part period-piece-with-a-twist, Tightrope is set in the pre-Depression American midwest where The Circus with More wows audiences with its unconventional show. But the price of staying on the cutting edge is higher than any ticket holder can guess–and than any of the Circus’ performers are willing to admit. When Jolek, the show’s new strongman, meets Hattie, its enigmatic star, no one’s secrets are kept safe, Jolek’s own least of all.


Tightrope contains violence, language, drug use and sexuality. It is intended for audiences 18 and older.

On the Creators:

It takes many components to create a work of this scope: skill, imagination, integrity. They are our tools, but they are only that. They alone do not make this comic come alive. Words without pictures, illustrator without author: only parts, only tools, no success in any single part of the process. Commitment is the byword of success. We are committed. The ending is written: The story will continue, the art will continue. Our dedication is unstoppable because behind it there is a deep, abiding love for the work, for our characters and for each other.